Who I am

If all that I am boils down to a single page, I have not succeeded in life. Among many things, I am a photographer, entrepreneur, business adviser, and film enthusiast. I’m an aspiring director and filmmaker who loves cinematography. Above all, I am a humanitarian. My purpose is to perpetuate meaningful stories throughout all I do. Every picture I take, regardless if it’s a landscape, graduation photo, or product advertisement, has a story behind it. There are many stories in the world that deserve to be told and fall upon deaf ears. I aim to amplify those messages in a way which opens the world’s eyes.

I advocate for everything that is fair and just. Social change is the cornerstone of progress, and I promote individuals as well as companies that embody the compassion and care that is essential in today's society. Branding and business strategy are components which have captivated my attention. I work with businesses who want to develop a positive standing in their community or the world which benefits everyone.

Purposeful driving factors are behind all of the most acclaimed works of art in our history. Works of art are meaningful, which is why we value them with great fervor. Art is how we are kept entertained, escape from the monotony, and tell others about our message. In order to convey the right message, an image is important. The way that one is viewed and perceived by others leads the way down various paths. I create images embedded with every facet its’ story deems necessary, and hope they help others do the right thing.