Kong: Skull Island

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kong skull island

The amusement of a film is impacted by a magnitude of elements. Merit of scenery or story alone can only take it so far. Kong was a fun, star studded movie full of action and comedy. The giant ape is clearly a fan favorite with a rich history in cinema. It is apparent the filmmakers […]


Beauty and the Beast

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beauty and the beast

Perception is reality. Everyone carries their own perception of good and bad movies which evolves over time. Subject, genre, mood, and many more factors can weigh in on your perception of a films credibility. In watching remakes, I use some perception gymnastics to attempt approaching a film at an untainted angle. The 1991 Beauty and […]


John Wick Chapter 2

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John Wick Chapter 2 Keanu Reeves

Often times I find myself bombarded with, “I CANNOT believe you have never seen (enter movie title here)!” The movie’s now set up to be a smash hit or a huge disappointment. This is how John Wick was presented to me. I do NOT watch ‘dog movies’. They bring an energy into my life that […]


Using Comedy and Humor in Pictures

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Friendly clown wearing a suit

Humor is not necessarily synonymous with photography in any way shape or form. So to explore the relationship between the two brings us to ambiguous territory. Nevertheless, pictures can be funny. Humor helps us through our day to day and gives us positive feelings that we associate with whatever or whoever makes us laugh. There […]