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Hans Zimmer

Visionary Artist: Hans Zimmer

In light of my upcoming trip to Coachella, I began thinking about how important music is in all cultures. Hans Zimmer is easily my favorite composer of movie scores (sorry John Williams) and I am excited to get the opportunity to see him perform live. His body of work has spanned movie genres and delivered […]

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charlie chaplin silent movie

The Impact of Silence in Movies

Movies are multidimensional monsters. Diving into all which contributes to the final product can leave you swimming for days. It is interesting that one of the most impactful aspect of movies is invisible. Music and sounds that accompany a film is part of what anchors viewers into the world that is being created before them. […]

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The White Helmets

I admire many things, and as you can tell from my writing, powerful images are one of them. It’s been a while since I have seen anything as powerful as The White Helmets. Despite being heavy (more on that later), and in subtitles, this is a documentary for even the most sitcom driven viewers. This […]

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