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Crane Hilton Head South Carolina

Complete Lightroom Photo Editing Process

There isn’t really a right or a wrong way to edit your pictures. If you are getting paid commission to produce images for something specific, you may want to consider other peoples tastes and preferences to make sure you continue to get work in the future. If not, do whatever you want with them! I […]

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photography lighting

An Overview of Photographic Lighting

There are many aspects of pictures which must be understood to see a significant improvement in your image. In anyone’s top three should be lighting. Lighting is essential to even make it possible to capture an image. Fully comprehending light and its properties will lead to a noticeable step up in your photography game. Light […]

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Matt Messerli red and green complementary pastel color grading palette

Color Grading

Man The Tanks

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John Wick Chapter 2 Keanu Reeves

John Wick Chapter 2

Often times I find myself bombarded with, “I CANNOT believe you have never seen (enter movie title here)!” The movie’s now set up to be a smash hit or a huge disappointment. This is how John Wick was presented to me. I do NOT watch ‘dog movies’. They bring an energy into my life that […]

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The Vast World of Color

Choose your color scheme wisely! Colors elicit responses in the brain that change the way we feel about what we are perceiving. There are an endless amount of colors and an endless number of ways to use them. Deciphering which color or colors to use to drive forward a mood, or which saturation level works […]

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