Lightroom File Import Workflow For Beginners

In my previous video blog, I broke down how I structure my files to be able to find them easily. That file structure lends itself to the next step in this process: importing photos. The first thing that I do is create the file that I am going to be putting all the photos in. After that, open Lightroom and plug in the memory card for some good ol’ fashioned file import.

In the import window, I look at the photos individually and select or deselect items that I want to include or not. This first pass over will weed out the bad from the decent. I take a second look for duplicates that differ slightly and decide as to which I want to keep. Make sure the right folder (the one that was created in the very first step) is the destination for the photos, smart previews are enabled, and import the photos. Then, battle your way through learning how to edit in Lightroom before moving on to the impossibility that is fully understanding Photoshop.