Double Exposure Photoshop Tutorial

There is no way of learning that is comparable to diving in head first. You can read and research while trying to understand concepts for days, but there is no substitute for hands on. I am a self taught photographer which presents many challenges and benefits. My favorite way of discovering new techniques is to watch a tutorial and try it out myself. This Youtube tutorial by Spoon Graphics is a little fast, using many keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop, but does give a great succinct step by step for creating a double exposure image.
burning man double exposure sunset
It is best to have an image for the foreground that is very defined (meaning there is a subject and no background). This will help cut out the frame easily before filling in the background. While watching the video, it is beneficial to pause and Google search how to do what the narrator is doing. As I mentioned, it is fast paced with shortcuts. If you don’t know the shortcut, and get frustrated looking through the Photoshop options or settings, simply Google search the exact task Chris describes and there will be a map of how to accomplish it. For example I searched how to copy and paste layers in photoshop and after reading the top bullet my question was answered and I was off to the next step without having to open a single page. It is also beneficial to watch through the video or ahead a step or two in order to know where things are going and avoid frustration. If you choose to attempt this technique, post it to all your social media and tag me so I can congratulate you!