Complete Lightroom Photo Editing Process

There isn’t really a right or a wrong way to edit your pictures. If you are getting paid commission to produce images for something specific, you may want to consider other peoples tastes and preferences to make sure you continue to get work in the future. If not, do whatever you want with them! I like to skip around the Lightroom adjustments and build an image in a consistent way.

First thing I will do on import is apply a preset that gives my image the same adjustments I ALWAYS use like lens correction. Then comes the cropping, white balance, and slight brush adjustments. I like to do my split toning early in the process so I can see the rest of my image develop behind that color palette. I visit just about every color adjustment available to improve my image, revisit the top sliders, and end it with sharpening adjustments. I enjoy my process and the pictures I make. Find a process that you like and practice.

Crane Hilton Head South Carolina