Born in China

Born in China Disneynature Pandas Documentary

Walt Disney set the tone of Disneynature films in the late 1940s with True-Life Adventures. Disneynature carries Walt’s fascination and love for the planet’s animals forward through the 21st century. Born in China is a look into the unique lives of four tremendous creatures. It documents a span of seasons and how each life changes and morphs with the changing life circumstances.

Born in China utilizes a story telling technique that is unique to DisneyNature documentaries. The story of the animals is told by narrator John Krasinski, and he has the priveldge of telling these animals unique path through their world. We don’t just see pandas in their natural habitat, but rather we see the pandas Ya Ya and her daughter Mei Mei in their home. The filmmakers took a exceptional approach to giving feeling to these characters.

This movie is shot with landscape photography that will blow your mind. China has an absolutely gorgeous topography that is portrayed in the greatest fashion. Obtaining footage of the snow leopard, Dawa, is not simple by any stretch of the imagination. The fact that the crew was able to reach such isolated areas and obtain such captivating footage is inspiring.

One of the most interesting aspects of the experience with this film was the approach they took with death. Wildlife is full of predatory animals and it would have been difficult to avoid in their story line all together. The approach they took impressed me and delivered a message that resonated well. They emphasized that in the animal kingdom, sometimes they must take life to give life.

From the beginning, I knew I would enjoy this documentary. Seeing it in the opening week contributed to the World Wildlife Fund to benefit pandas and snow leopards. Disney is one of the leading powerhouses when it comes to branding. Each action they take perpetuates their brand identity. They also happen to consistently produce high quality products. This all creates a perfect storm under which I find myself swept away in each experience, and Born in China is no exception.

Photo Credit: Disney Parks, USA Today