3 More Puppy Taught Photography Lessons

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Recently I had the privilege of taking two lovely lady’s pictures, which can be found below. Willow and Nana weren’t my first puppies, and hopefully won’t be the last. I wrote this article about things I learned from my first puppy photo shoot, and I was sure to go back and read that before I […]

Giving Back

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Although I don’t find a shortage of things to complain about, I must admit I live a very privileged life. I’m blessed with good health and the ability to basically do anything I want. I live in America where I can say anything without the fear of punishment. On a smaller scale, I have degrees […]

3 Things to Consider Before Buying New Camera Equipment

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Diving into the market for new equipment is a daunting experience, especially when you are still learning the ropes. It is important to hone in on what your needs are and what you have the capacity to actually use. It is easy to say that you want the best equipment because that will produce the […]

Fight Club, LOTR, The Godfather & Achieving a Growth Mindset

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Recently I attended a seminar by Klemmer & Associates called Personal Mastery where I had the opportunity to explore many of the belief systems I held in my head. My approach was not to accomplish anything in particular, but to be open and available to allowing my mind to be changed. With that mindset, Klemmer […]

Project Management 101

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There is no better way to learn anything than to do it. No matter how much reading and planning I put into a project I have no experience in, I will never truly understand how to do it until I actually do it. It has taken a long time for me to comprehend that no […]

Dude, Be Nice

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The last two weeks I spent 12 hours per day with the same group of people chanting and yelling. Each of us began as complete strangers which rapidly changed given the duration of the time we spent together. There was nothing truly significant about this particular group of people that made them behave the way […]

Get Your Mind Right

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I have always thought differently. I remember, in high school, I had a fantastic social studies teacher Mr. Combs. In his class we were learning about political beliefs, what they were, how to define our own, and most importantly why we thought that way. He would separate the room into left or right and allow […]

Lightroom File Import Workflow For Beginners

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In my previous video blog, I broke down how I structure my files to be able to find them easily. That file structure lends itself to the next step in this process: importing photos. The first thing that I do is create the file that I am going to be putting all the photos in. […]

3 Lessons 9 Chocolate Lab Puppies

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Every experience is a learning one. I don’t pretend to know anything in fear of looking like a complete ass. So, although I would say I know quite a bit about both photography and dogs, I did not walk away from my session without any mistakes and lessons to learn from. Here are my top […]

How to Force Progress in Photography

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The world of cameras is a daunting place, particularly when you just get into it. There are not only a ton of different brands, software, and technical specifications, but also endless equipment and an ever-changing business environment. It can definitely get overwhelming. Just keep in mind what you are passionate for and everything else will […]