Fight Club, LOTR, The Godfather & Achieving a Growth Mindset

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Recently I attended a seminar by Klemmer & Associates called Personal Mastery where I had the opportunity to explore many of the belief systems I held in my head. My approach was not to accomplish anything in particular, but to be open and available to allowing my mind to be changed. With that mindset, Klemmer […]

3 More Puppy Taught Photography Lessons

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Recently I had the privilege of taking two lovely lady’s pictures, which can be found below. Willow and Nana weren’t my first puppies, and hopefully won’t be the last. I wrote this article about things I learned from my first puppy photo shoot, and I was sure to go back and read that before I […]

A Personal Framework for Increased Happiness

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I am a firm believer in extreme empowerment on many levels of personal growth. What I mean by that is simple: you have the ability to change almost every aspect about your life. I am constantly revising the way I think, eat, and live in order to better suit my happiness. With this concept comes […]

Dude, Be Nice

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The last two weeks I spent 12 hours per day with the same group of people chanting and yelling. Each of us began as complete strangers which rapidly changed given the duration of the time we spent together. There was nothing truly significant about this particular group of people that made them behave the way […]

Get Your Mind Right

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I have always thought differently. I remember, in high school, I had a fantastic social studies teacher Mr. Combs. In his class we were learning about political beliefs, what they were, how to define our own, and most importantly why we thought that way. He would separate the room into left or right and allow […]

3 Ways I Stay Motivated

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Staying motivated through everyday life can be difficult at times. We all start out with the best of intentions and, slowly but surely, we lose steam. Luckily, there is always a way to keep yourself moving in the right direction. Through some mental gymnastics we can continue on a path of growth towards success in […]