3 Things to Consider Before Buying New Camera Equipment

sony a7r iii camera gear what to buy

Diving into the market for new equipment is a daunting experience, especially when you are still learning the ropes. It is important to hone in on what your needs are and what you have the capacity to actually use. It is easy to say that you want the best equipment because that will produce the best image, but that isn’t necessarily true. While I am looking around for the next set of camera gear, here is a list of things I am looking for:

1. What are my must haves?

For a camera alone, there are multiple things that I absolutely must have. For starters, I like to make large prints so megapixels are a factor. As I begin to venture into video, I want to have some maneuverability in post processing making 4k capabilities a must. As I have mentioned before, image sensors are very important when it comes to cameras. Don’t settle for anything with a subpar image sensor, and in my case I don’t want anything cropped.

2. What wont I use?

You pay for it all. You might as well be honest about those facets which are going to come at a cost without any benefit. It’s easy to say that recording in 120 fps at 4k is a great feature, but honestly I have yet to record anything for slow motion despite already having this. The same goes for photography in high fps rates. I’m not using my current camera for the continuous shooting and saying it’s not enough, so why pay for more of it?

3. What additional costs are associated with the purchase?

In considering the purchase of a Sony a7r III, I am faced with an overwhelming fact. Almost none of my current gear is compatible with the Sony operating system. I will need to buy an additional lens, as well as flash and other brand specific gear. Also, if I want to get decent audio with the a7r III, I will need to purchase an additional adapter to receive an XLR cable. Each of those costs add up significantly. Compare the total you would spend on another comparable camera that offers similar benefits with similar downsides.

Finding the right equipment to suit your needs is hard to do. The key is to research your decision to death and make an educated call. Know exactly what you’re getting into and why you are buying it. If you can’t articulate why or why not you want a piece of equipment, chances are you don’t need it or haven’t done enough research. Unfortunately, all the information in the world may not make your decision easy. At least it will help ensure a little satisfaction.

Let me know what you consider when getting new gear, or what I should be considering.