3 More Puppy Taught Photography Lessons

Recently I had the privilege of taking two lovely lady’s pictures, which can be found below. Willow and Nana weren’t my first puppies, and hopefully won’t be the last. I wrote this article about things I learned from my first puppy photo shoot, and I was sure to go back and read that before I shot Willow and Nana. It reminded me of some very key aspects to include in my shoot. In reflection of my latest puppy pics, I wanted to share 3 of the most important factors to employ next time:

Chocolate Lab Puppy Fall Photographer

Patience – These things take time. Puppies are not direct-able. They sometimes are only smelling grass for the first time, and their favorite squirrel toy or cheese treat isn’t going to get their attention. Simply put the puppies in a position to do something photographical and repeat. They walk off, put ‘em back. Just keep trying and sit back, it takes time.

Puppy Photography Saint Bernard Fall

Direction – It takes a village. As aforementioned, don’t try to direct the pup. They simply don’t care and are too young to know about what you are saying or doing. Simple and clear communication of needs will help save time and frustration. I laid out what I was trying to do, the timeframe it was going to be done on, and specifically described what I needed everyone to do. That made everything run very smoothly.

Puppies play chocolate lab saint bernard photography

– Reading my first post about my first puppy shoot gave me a great reminder about everything I did wrong. It also told me a lot about what went right. Most of my learning, however, came from mistakes. I have learned a lot since that first post, and it is evident in my outcome. That only happened through a million more mistakes that I didn’t write about. Practice makes more practice; nothings perfect. Finding mistakes begets a correcting exercise. My practice has made me grow and I’m happy with that, however imperfect it still may be.

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