Month: February 2017

Life Changing Images

It isn’t often that we see something that fundamentally changes the way that we see the world. Some experience these moments more than others. It takes a highly powerful image with a potent message to bring about a life altering experience when viewing it. This situation can either be organic or manufactured, but the outcome […]

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The Vast World of Color

Choose your color scheme wisely! Colors elicit responses in the brain that change the way we feel about what we are perceiving. There are an endless amount of colors and an endless number of ways to use them. Deciphering which color or colors to use to drive forward a mood, or which saturation level works […]

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Friendly clown wearing a suit

Using Comedy and Humor in Pictures

Humor is not necessarily synonymous with photography in any way shape or form. So to explore the relationship between the two brings us to ambiguous territory. Nevertheless, pictures can be funny. Humor helps us through our day to day and gives us positive feelings that we associate with whatever or whoever makes us laugh. There […]

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How Pictures Affect The Way We Think

Manipulative is a dirty word. However, we pay professionals to manipulate our minds constantly…and we LIKE it! In order to understand what I’m talking about, all you have to do is watch a Quinton Tarantino movie when one of his characters is eating or drinking. The cream and strudel that Christoph Waltz eats in Inglorious […]

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